Our podiatrists, led by Dr. Mark S. Miller provide home visits in the area of all San Diego County including Chula Vista, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, CA as well as all areas of Las Vegas, NV. Call our California podiatry office at (760) 580-6733 or Nevada podiatry office at (702) 956-3750 today if you need a visit of podiatrist in the comfort of your home.

Toe-tal Family Footcare is also unique in that we offer our patients counseling on health, diet, and exercise. Our philosophy is that it is easier to care successfully for our patients when they are personally involved and understand how their conditions started and why we make our treatment suggestions. Our Referral network includes Medical Doctors, other professionals to provide full Home Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapy Services, home Nursing Assistants services, home Non-Medical Service Assistant services, Fall Prevention Education, Muscle Strengthening, and Home Needs and Obstacle Assessment. Please call our office for a complete Referral list.



Nursing Services

Full Nursing Services are available in the home for qualifying patients.  Services can include medication management, home needs assessment, prevention and care of bed sores, home medical education and more.  Please call our office for additional information.



Home Care Services

Home Care Services are non-covered, non-medical services provided by a non-medical assistant. Services can include light housework, driving to retrieve groceries and other household needs, driving the client to doctor’s appointments, walking pets, mail management and more. We refer to several different organizations, each offering specialized services. These are typically not covered by insurances.



Physical and Occupational Therapy

Our doctors will discuss, recommend, and demonstrate exercises useful in alleviating certain painful conditions and to strengthen certain muscle groups. When appropriate, we can also refer to a professional physical or occupational therapist, covered by most insurances.



Diabetes Prevention & Management

Our doctors are well—educated in the disease, its complications, management, and treatments. Proper foot care is extremely important in general, but so for the diabetic patient due to decreased circulation, decreased protective sensation, and increased risk of complications. Recommendations can be given for dietary/lifestyles changes, exercises, proper and protective shoewear, and supplies. Our office can assist you with most of your diabetic questions and needs.



Neuropathy Management

Our doctors can assist in the Evaluation, Education, and Treatment for Neuropathy.  Our Evaluation consists of determining the cause and severity of the neuropathy.  We will explain the options, make recommendations, and either treat or refer for additional professional care.



Medication Management

Taking a lot of medications can be very confusing.  Our doctor’s, field assistants, and office staff can help you understand what you are taking and what medications it may be possible to stop with the agreement of your primary physician. 



Alternative Energy Healing: Pranic Healing

Dr. Miller is a Certified practitioner and Instructor of Pranic Healing, a no-touch, very effective, energy healing modality. If you are interested in additional information, please call our office and ask for Dr. Mark Miller to contact you personally.



Alternative Medicine Practical Training

Pranic Healing Class with Dr. Miller

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Advanced Podiatric Procedures & Services in the San Diego, including Chula Vista, Carlsbad, and Oceanside, CA & San Bernadino County, Central CA Coast, including Santa Maria, as well as Vista CA 92081 areas